Telerium TV (2021): Alternatives to to watch football

Telerium is one of the best alternatives that we have selected to be able to enjoy the beautiful sport completely free of charge. This website, usually focused on football, has become a benchmark when it comes to broadcasting all kinds of sporting events of any kind.

Therefore, here at Fútbol Moderno , we wanted to talk a little about everything that Telerium has for you and why you should use it as alternative to watch football online.

If you want to know everything that Telerium has for you and all the football content that you can enjoy on this platform, you have come to the ideal place. Since, today, we have prepared an article dedicated exclusively to Telerium. South American qualifiers: TV and online Argentina Cup Final: Racing vs ColónInternational matches of national teams (June)Euro 2021: where to watch online and TVCopa América 2021: where to watch online and TV

What is Telerium and what is it for?

What is telerium

Telerium is a platform or website dedicated to the online broadcasting of sporting events of all kinds in an illegal way . In other words, it is a web page from where you can enjoy all kinds of football, baseball, basketball or motor games without having to pay absolutely anything.

However, due to its illegal nature, this website is not free from possible lawsuits or attempts to unsubscribe it. This, because the content that is transmitted does not have any type of license or permission to be displayed on this website.

Sport lemon
Joker stream
The House of Tiki Taka
Wiseplay lists
Live TV

For this, Telerium, like many other websites of the same style, cover their backs by hosting transmissions on third-party servers. In this way, the web simply serves as a portal from where you can access these transmissions , thus achieving a more or less firm legal coverage, with which it has managed to remain standing.

Main alternatives for when Telerium is out

Being a web page of illicit origin , it is normal that it can be canceled at a certain point for legal reasons. Therefore, it will always be necessary to have one or more alternatives to be able to enjoy the king of sports when Telerium fails or is absent for a specific reason.

For this reason, we have prepared this comfortable list in which you can find a huge number of alternatives available to watch not only free football, but also paid football.

In this way, you can enjoy the sport in the way that you feel most comfortable. Being able to switch between the free alternatives and the paid alternatives depending on what each one offers you and if you are willing to pay the monthly fees.

Batman stream
Argentinian soccer
Direct red

All these alternatives are more than compliant for when you are in a hurry and need to see a football game as soon as possible. Among the free alternatives, you can always find one that is unsubscribed. Therefore, you should check its availability by exploring the articles we have prepared on these web pages.

How to watch football matches from Telerium?

Accessing the football matches available on Telerium is not a complicated process. In fact, it is quite intuitive and reminds us of the other alternatives that we have already explained in Modern Football . Above all, because this type of website drinks a lot from pages like Roja Directa, Pirlo TV and the like.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the football matches available in Telerium , you simply have to go to the official website and find the match or sporting event that you want to see in the catalog.

When you select it, an advertising tab will open that you must close immediately . Again, select the game you want to watch and now a new tab will open with the broadcast. Wait for it to load a bit and for the initial publicity to pass and you will be able to see all the football you want for free.

Main leagues and football tournaments that you can tune in from Telerium

Watch the champions league on Telerium for free

As soon as you enter Telerium you will be able to find a huge number of matches, events and competitions that are displayed before you in a comfortable and familiar catalog format . Being a website dedicated to sport in general, it is possible not only to find football, so you will have to explore a little within it to find everything that is offered to you in this area .

  • LaLiga Santander
  • LaLiga SmartBank
  • Premier League
  • EFL Championship 
  • FA Cup
  • Ligue One
  • Ligue Two
  • A series
  • B series
  • Bundesliga
  • Bundesliga 2
  • League NOS
  • Europa League
  • Champions League
  • Second League (Portuguese 2nd division)
  • Division A (Belgian First Division)
  • Croatia First Division
  • Czech Republic First Division
  • MLS
  • Serie A (Brazil)
  • Serie B (Brazil)
  • Argentine first division
  • Colombian first division
  • MX League
  • Uruguayan First Division
  • Concacaf League

Channels of Telerium

If you can access the section of the channels available in Telerium, you will be able to find a bit of everything. Since, in the format in which they work within the web, they have chosen to divide the channels by competition and by television , but not by games in general. In this way, you can always tune in to these channels when you want to watch a game in a specific competition.

Pirlo TV

Among the most important and used channels of Telerium we can find the following:

  • Santander League Live
  • RojaDirecta Soccer Free Online
  • ESPN 2 Live
  • ESPN Live
  • Channel 51 Live Sports
  • Directv Sports 2 Live
  • Planet Soccer Live
  • Channel 17 Live Sports
  • UDN Live
  • ESPN 3 Live
  • Movistar Formula 1 Live
  • Movistar MotoGP Live
  • Channel 57 Live Sports
  • Live VTV
  • Skip Live
  • Live Tennis
  • Channel 2
  • Channel 3
  • Channel 55
  • Latin Live
  • ESPN 2 Mexico Live
  • Caracol Live Channel
  • Channel 9
  • Channel 37
  • Canal Plus Live Sports
  • Channel 19
  • Live TyC
  • Channel 20 Live Sports
  • Channel 41 Live Sports
  • Channel 58 Live Sports
  • Live Telefe
  • Bein Sports Live
  • Other channels of Telerium.

Frequent questions

Is it safe to enter and watch football online from Telerium?

As far as possible, entering websites like Telerium is not safe nor is it exempt from the typical dangers that we can find on the web when using illicit websites or websites of uncertain origin.  Therefore, whenever you enter these types of pages, we recommend using a VPN or an updated antivirus to take care of the integrity of your computer.

Does have a mobile App available?

No, unfortunately, no. Telerium does not have any type of external application or platform from where you can enjoy all its content. Therefore, the only valid and available way to enter is through its official website.

However, on the web it is possible to find some webs that claim to have the direct link to download the Telerium application . We strongly recommend that you do not download absolutely anything from pages with uncertain origin or that we do not recommend here. Since, in the worst case, the link could have viruses, spyware or malware.

Is Telerium available in 2021?

Yes, in mid-2021, Telerium is fully available to enjoy all kinds of sporting events or football matches that you want to see.

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