School Management Software

School Management System is a digital learning platform that can help you in simplifying all the day-to-day tasks of your school. Many schools use YouTube to conduct live classes & share educational content but when it comes to systematic & organized learning, LMS is the best solution.

A learning management system provides multiple features that you can use to keep your learners engaged & on track.

Benefits of using an LMS –

Organized Learning

Tracking & Reporting

Engaging & Consistent Learning

1- Organized Learning

If you use LMS software for your school, be assured that your data is safely stored in one place. You won’t have to worry about storing your data on multiple devices like hard disks or pen drives.

2- Tracking & Reporting

The best thing about using an LMS is you can easily analyze the progress report of your learners. No matter how many learners you have in your class, you will be able to access the progress report of each one of them. Some learning management systems like Spayee provide the feature of live classes & live tests.

3- Engaging & Consistent Learning

Features like gamification are most popular when it comes to engaging and interactive learning. The gamification feature means that your learner can not move on to the next topic before finishing the existing one.

Best Learning Management System

If you are looking for a learning management system to manage your school’s or coaching institutes’ day-to-activities, you can choose Spayee. It is an excellent online learning management system. Earlier, it was an ebook platform but now it has evolved as the leading LMS software. It provides almost all the advanced features even in their basic plan.

4 Benefits of Choosing Spayee

1- Most Secured Platform

Along with the content, you will have all the details of your learners saved on the LMS platform so you would never want anyone to misuse that, right? 

Hence, you should choose a platform that adds multi-layer security & give you 100% content security, and when it comes to security you can choose Spayee without any doubt.

Few security features that Spayee will provide you are –

Device Login Limit

Download Restriction

Limited Screenshots

Dynamic Watermarking

2- App-Based Learning

When it comes to learning on the go, nothing can beat app-based learning. Spayee will help you in building your school’s website as well as the mobile application. This means that your learners can learn anytime and anywhere. Along with that, they will get all the notifications & updates on their mobile devices. Hence, they can not make any excuse if they miss any class or test.

3- Integrated Payment Gateways

Spayee allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways. Different people use different modes of payment but, be assured Spayee has multiple payment options. Hence, you can receive hassle-free payments.

You can integrate many payment gateways. Some of them are –








4- Multimedia Course

With Spayee, you can launch quite engaging as well as interactive courses. You can use audio, video, pdf, slideshows & gifs to give a good learning experience to your learners. Live classes & tests are quite engaging when it comes to teaching online. Spayee allows you to conduct live tests & lives classes within your course platform

Many learners feel motivated when they get certificates for different activities and Spayee knows it well. That’s why they have this feature of providing completion certificates to their learners.

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