Mobile marketing trends that Will shape and keep improving forever

The number of mobile users has kept increase over the years and the number is expected to reach 4 billion by the end of the 2021. This increase in the number has cause different brands to adopt the latest technologies that help them engage and connect with customers.

In this article, we are going to discuss mobile trends that mobile marketers should keep an eye.


Chatbots were designed to interact with customers through already programmed scripts and combination of artificial intelligence.

It has high capabilities of engaging mobile users who comes to your website seeking answers, have question related to your product, making orders among others. You can use the chat bot as well to conduct survey of your product or services.

In addition, you can use chatbot to collect customer information that you can later on use when you are promoting your product.

When using Chatbot in your business ensure that you are available to your customers 24/7. According to research conducted, customers convert more when their queries are addressed on a timely manner.

social and mobile commerce

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people using mobile phones to make purchases has drastically increase. In united states alone, in 2020, the food delivery applications downloads rose by 200%. This is because people shifted to ordering food stuffs through their mobile apps.

Social media platform likes Facebook, Instagram, twitter, have led to increase in the mobile commerce. Many business brands prefer showcasing their products to people in platforms where they spend most of their times in. Thanks to the targeting advertising provided by these platforms.


According to experts’ view, geo targeting mobile ads is expected to hit a new high this year as many brands have adopted targeting people residing in specific location.

Typically, people like seeing products that is near where they stay. So as a business, you are supposed to utilize this to your advantage. If you are a local store selling bags, do not advertise to people who are miles away from your geographical location. 

In addition, as a business, you need to utilize the geo-fencing especially if you are running a petrol station, restaurant, supermarket, store among other local businesses. This geo-fencing allows targeting people who are within your territory. This technique is utilized mostly when you have

Voice search

With theintroduction of Siri, Cortana, popular voice search AIs. People have preferred using voice search to manually searching in their browsers.

Voice search is very hygienic and easy to use especially at home. With the outbreak of COVID 19, many people have adopted using voice search as it minimizes the interaction with their devices.

When adopting voice search content, keep in mind that people use voice search assistance to search for content. It is therefore paramount that your choice of keywords and natural flow of content is good.

AI- Based analytics

Artificial intelligence is taking control of massive data collected during your campaigns. Businesses who do not use analytics data to make decisions will be thrown behind the bus.

Even though data keep increasing having a strategy that will filter your data to suit your business is very important. Processing information over Customer journey can be a bit tricky sometimes. Thanks there is AI and automations that has made things very easy to implement.

SMS Messaging

Finally, SMS marketing will always be there in every step your make in your company. Customers love offers, they are open to good deals of your business provided they opted into your business.

Businesses that utilizes text messaging campaigns in pushing their products have had an increase in their revenue.

The success of SMS marketing depends on how efficient and reliable your bulk SMS provider is, know how to properly select one.

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