List of Contactless Instant Personal Loan Lending Apps in India

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Contactless instant personal loans have become a boon to borrowers, especially during the time of lockdown. It enables users to avail personal loans from their homes easily at the tap of a button. The loan apps have garnered immense reception from users due to their speedy loan sanctions and quicker loan disbursal features. 

These loans apps are called contactless apps because one does not have to visit the branch or contact anyone to apply for a loan. You can avail of it through the app easily. The best part is that you receive the money in 30 mins of approval if you are eligible. 

Not all loan apps are safe to use, given the number of loan apps available in the PlayStore and App Store. One cant trust the apps just because they are available in the market. Not all are RBI approved or trustworthy. The recent scams that came to light reiterated this time and again. So which one can you trust? We have made it easy for you.

Here is curated a list of contactless personal loan apps in India. Scrutinise them to arrive at the right app that suits your requirement. 

List of Contactless Instant Personal Loan Apps in India 

  • Fullerton InstaLoan App

Fullerton India is an established NBFC that has more than 648 branches across India. The financial institution has a personal loan app that provides instant personal loans at interest rates as low as 11.99%. Loans can be availed through this app in 4 steps through digital documentation. The InstaLoan app offers quicker loan approvals if you meet eligibility criteria and sanctions loans up to 25 lakhs. The best part is it has a detailed dashboard to keep track of all your loan details. Users can download the Fullerton Loan App from App Store or Play Store The loan app also offers a dedicated representative to guide you through the process. It also offers responsive customer service for all your needs.

  • CASHe Loan App

CASHe is a flexible loan app that offers unsecured personal loans. The app targets young salaried millennials in India. This budget-friendly app can also pay your eCommerce order directly. IT offers a maximum loan amount of 4 lakhs and a flexible tenure of 3 to 18 months. The app offers interest rates starting from 3% for 62 days and 2.40% interest per month for a 180-day loan.

  • Dhani Loan App

The Dhani app by India Bulls is a dedicated instant loan app. It offers instant loans that range from Rs 500 to 15 lakhs. The app disburses instant loans within a day. The loan tenure offered ranges from 2 months to 3 years.

  • Early Salary Loan App

Early Salary app from the startup based in Pune offers small tenure loans to professionals. The instant loan app offers loans ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 5,00,000. The tenures offered are up to 24 months. The interest rates start from 2.5% per month. The app offers instant approval and transfers the loan amount within hours or even minutes!

  • KreditBee Loan App

KreditBee is another preferred instant loan app for individuals above 18 years; the app lends you small personal loans ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 1 lakh. It also offers quick loan disbursement from 5 minutes to one day, depending on the documentation. The app offers a flat interest rate of 1.48% for the first 15 days of availing loan, after which it gradually increases. 

  • Credy Loan App

Credy is an instant personal loan app that provides personal loans up to ₹500000. It offers loans for salaried individuals with a minimum salary of 15,000. You can repay your loan in 3 months to one year.

  • mPokket Loan App

One of the best personal loan platforms, mPokket is ideal for college students and salaried individuals. It also provides flexible repayment options and is hence preferred by low salaried individuals. The app provides loans as low as Rs 500 to a maximum limit of 20,000.

Applying for personal loans from instant loan apps are very simple. You need to download the mobile app from App Store or Play Store and start applying using the application. 


Choosing the right financial institution for your loan is very important. The right personal loan app that you can trust gives you the advantage of the lowest interest rates. Hence check if RBI authorises your loan app provider before taking the plunge. Availing a personal loan from reputed loan apps enable hassle-free loan application and repayment process. 

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