Do You Need eCommerce PPC Management Services?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has become the bread and butter of digital marketing agencies across the world. While SEO remains undefeated as the best way to build your online presence, it still demands a lot of time and effort that many businesses can’t afford to spend. That’s why most agencies offer premium eCommerce PPC management services.

Placing your products in front of eager audiences who already have their credit card in their hands, or are significantly down their customer journey, is easier than ever if you have the money, that is.

PPC ads theoretically give you the power to corner your audiences no matter where they are without wasting time showing your ads to uninterested audiences. If only it were that easy.

In practice, PPC is a discipline that requires a lot of planning and study to master. The two main platforms, Google and Facebook, have perfected the art of targeting. It means that their algorithms can deduct what their users might be interested in when they use these platforms. Google specializes in determining the user intention when performing a query so it can present its users with possible answers or solutions to their questions. Facebook, analyses a user’s background and past interactions and constantly shows them posts or ads that might pique their interest.

However, eCommerce businesses have to work hard to make sure their ads are the ones that get the most views and clicks.

Just like in SEO, the process of optimizing campaigns starts with extensive keyword research. Based on the specific product or service your business offers, and the audience it is directed at, you should be able to come up with a list of relevant keywords. But before you get to use those keywords, it is important to find out if they are worth pursuing.

There are extremely popular keywords with high search volumes that are practically bought by your competitors. The average bid for these keywords can be prohibitively high, making them unattainable for a smaller business with a limited PPC budget.

This is where professional eCommerce PPC management services come in handy. Only a team able to process massive amounts of data with specialized tools can discover keyword opportunities that would escape the untrained eye. Digital marketers are trained to find low-mid search volume keywords that provide higher conversion rates, increase return on investment and reduce ad spend.

Of course, no PPC strategy is complete without the creation of effective ad copy and completely optimized landing pages. These two elements not only increase the chances of audiences clicking and wanting to complete their checkout process. They heavily influence your ad’s quality score, which is Google’s way to rate how well an ad compares to other campaigns. Google algorithm determines how relevant your ad copy and landing page content are in relation to the keywords you want to target. A high score will ensure higher ranks and lower cost per click for your eCommerce PPC campaign.

It means that you need a high-quality score for your ads if you want to reduce ad spend and increase conversions. In other words, you need professional eCommerce PPC management services that specialize in boosting ad performance, conversions, and overall ROI for your marketing strategy. Visit 1Digital Agency if you are interested in starting an effective PPC campaign that converts right from the start.

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