BigCommerce SEO Services: Answering Some High-Level Questions

The BigCommerce platform hosts over 50,000 eCommerce websites around the world and many are enterprise-level customers such as Skullcandy, iMedia, and even the Carolina Panthers. It’s one of the most trusted SaaS eCommerce platforms in the industry, renowned for its ease of use, speed, security, scalability, and relatively open API.

But with so many competitors in BigCommerce (and other eCommerce platforms) how can you ensure that your website’s organic rankings are competitive?

With BigCommerce SEO services.

Is BigCommerce Optimized for SEO?
Yes and no. Nothing is fully optimized for SEO out of the box, and as consumer behavior and search engine algorithms change, what was once “optimized” will need to be optimized again.

However, BigCommerce does come with several native features that make it easier to optimize the website for SEO. For example, you can easily edit the metadata associated with a web page in the back end. BigCommerce also autogenerates user-friendly URLs for each page you create and allows you to adjust them later. BigCommerce also uses a special CDN (Content Delivery Network) to boost site speeds and get customers in front of what they’re looking for more quickly.

All that being said, BigCommerce SEO services can still provide your BigCommerce store with a competitive edge by optimizing it beyond the features that come standard.

How Can I Improve a BigCommerce Website with SEO?
There is no single way to improve your SEO across the board, but there are many high-level approaches you can take to optimizing a website, many of which will be covered by a provider of BigCommerce SEO services.

●Improving site loading speeds
●Improving site security
●Utilizing structured data
●Enabling Google AMP, creating a custom mobile-centric design
●Enable breadcrumbs to facilitate the customer search
●Partner with a developer to install or create a custom theme that improves UX
●Optimizing page titles, metadata, and URLs
●Optimize category and page content
●Engage in a social media marketing plan to boost social cues
●Perform keyword research and develop a content strategy; create blog posts regularly
●Encourage customers to link to your site or trade for backlinks
●Monitor Google Analytics and Google Search Console; remove broken backlinks and toxic links

In addition to these features, there are countless other ways that a provider of BigCommerce SEO services can optimize your website. The number of Google ranking signals will vary according to whom you ask, but most estimates consider about 200. A provider of SEO services will optimize your BigCommerce website in accordance with these.

How Much do BigCommerce SEO Services Cost?
There’s no blanket way to answer how much BigCommerce SEO services cost. It will vary significantly according to the size and scope of the website, the number of keywords targeted pursuant to the SEO campaign, and what specific BigCommerce SEO Services the plan offers. Some SEO providers include items in their projects that others don’t, for example.

However, to get started with a quick and accurate quote, get in touch with the SEO experts at Genius eCommerce today – they’ll assess your BigCommerce site, your industry, and your competition and work with you to formulate an SEO strategy that meets your budget and your goals.

Start with a Free eCommerce SEO Audit for Your Online Store
Not sure what aspect of BigCommerce store needs attention first? Technical SEO or content strategy? The BigCommerce SEO experts at Genius eCommerce will provide you with a completely free eCommerce SEO audit that will show you just what needs to be SEO-optimized on your website and how. Their audit will expose current organic traffic and rankings, conversion rates, competitive opportunities, and more. Check out their website today for more information.

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