Best Office Printers Buying Guide – What to Consider Before Buying

There are hundreds of options if you are buying an office printer for high volume usage or minimal usage at your home or office. So, there is no surprise that mostfirst-time consumers find shopping around for printers challenging. They might look similar but have variances in terms of their technology used, capacity, printing methods, etc., which is not easy for a layman to understand. So, one should have some knowledge about how to look for the best office printers.

One basic thing to understand while you are determining which printer is right for you is your set of needs with it. Here is a rundown of the choice of printers based on our printing needs.

Choosing the best office printers

The printers, which are built to handle low-volume print works and be versatile in managing documents and a few color images occasionally, are ideal for home office printing. For limited usage office printing, you may also opt for inkjet printers, which are highly economical and are more durable.

The major option for high-volume office printing is to go for a laser printer. There are many variants of laser printers out there, which can help print huge volumes of text documents over a period and also color prints. Laser printers are the real workhorses for heavy workplaces. You can choose print-only laser printers or multi-function printers, offering add-on options like copying, scanning, faxing, etc.

For creative printing

In some offices, the need for an office printer may be for colored images. In such cases, an ideal option to consider is inkjet printers. However, the traditional cheaper inkjet printers may be those which use a lot of ink. The cartridges of traditional ink-tank printers may also have a smaller amount of ink, and with big volume needs, you may have to frequently replace the cartridge. For high-quality prints, it is ideal to choose inkjet printers that have at least six ink pots. Canon and Epson etc., are giving the best options in inkjet printers.

Single function printers – These printers are just meant for printing documents and nothing more.

All-in-one printer – This model of office printer will come with a scanner, photocopier, and faxing, etc.

Big format printers – If you need customized printing other than the standard A3 and A4 sizes, you must think of big-format printers, which will enable printing on various sizes.

To conclude, if you are looking for a standard office printer, then it is ideal to go for a laser printer. These are more durable and heavy-duty, too, compared to inkjet printers. If you have needs like printing on different media like cards or brochures, you need to consider a printer that will accommodate different paper types and sizes. If you need to print high-resolution images regularly, then choose a professional inkjet printer from the top brands. Always look for warranty terms, product terms and conditions, and service support availability when you buy the best office printers.

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