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With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to secure some extra spending money by selling old or unwanted tech. Because technology depreciates so quickly, it is always sensible to exchange it for cash as soon as you decide that you no longer want it or that you are going to replace it, so that it holds as much value as possible at the time of the sale. 

But with so many places offering cash for tech nowadays, how can you be sure you are getting the best deal? 

This article explores the best options available when selling tech for cash, considering prices offered, convenience and more. 


As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon certainly deserves a spot at the top of the list. 

Amazon boasts 300 million active users and offers sellers access to this massive audience for as little as 75p per sale. 

This platform is well-suited to selling unwanted technology and only requires the seller to list, package and deliver the items once a sale has been made. 

There’s a good chance of your listing being viewed and eventually sold due to the sheer number of people who visit the platform.

Aside from the fees, Amazon also requires you to deal with returns yourself. You can check out their full list of terms and conditions here.


Cash Exchange or CeX has been a long-time favourite in the UK among people who want to get rid of their old phone or a pile of DVDs in a relatively hassle-free manner.

Originally, you had to visit a store to sell your unwanted items, but now you can simply post them directly to CeX and receive the funds digitally.

It’s hard to ignore all the negative reviews that are associated with CeX online, however, as many customers have reported being dissatisfied with their experience with the company.


Another classic platform for selling unwanted goods, whether that’s an old couch or a television – Ebay accommodates the selling of countless products. 

Although they don’t specialise in the sale of technology, they can certainly be used to offload unwanted tech.

Prices can’t be guaranteed on Ebay because it is largely an auctioning platform. You could get lucky and receive a decent price for your item, but more often than not, the buyers on Ebay are looking for a bargain, especially for old tech.

Cash In Your Gadgets

This company could definitely be considered the underdog amongst the options listed, but as we all know from the Rocky movies, everybody loves an underdog, especially one that packs a punch!

CashInYourGadets is the only option on the list that has a pristine reputation on TrustPilot, being rated ‘excellent’. 

They also offer competitive prices, free collection of your goods, fast payouts and the guaranteed destruction of any data you may leave on your devices.

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